Climate change: Sir David Attenborough warns of catastrophe

Climate change: Sir David Attenborough warns of  catastrophe
But there is still hope, he said, if dramatic action to limit the effects is taken over the next decade.

Sir David s new programme laid out the science behind climate change, the impact it is having right now and the steps that can be taken to fight it.

"In the 20 years since I first started talking about the impact of climate change on our world, conditions have changed far faster than I ever imagined," Sir David stated in the film.

"It may sound frightening, but the scientific evidence is that if we have not taken dramatic action within the next decade, we could face irreversible damage to the natural world and the collapse of our societies."

Speaking to a range of scientists, the programme highlighted that temperatures are rising quickly, with the world now around 1C warmer than before the industrial revolution.

"There are dips and troughs and there are some years that are not as warm as other years," said Dr Peter Stott from the Met Office.

"But what we have seen is the steady and unremitting temperature trend. Twenty of the warmest years on record have all occurred in the last 22 years."

The programme showed dramatic scenes of people escaping from wildfires in the US, as a father and son narrowly escape with their lives when they drive into an inferno.
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