20 years goes fast when you re — sometimes — having fun

20 years goes fast when you re — sometimes — having fun
The day someone – the finger of blame was pointed at ESPN – plugged the wrong thing into the wrong thing and the 24-second clock didn’t work. Hearing the P.A. announcer counting down the seconds and yelling “horn!” when the clock ran out was comical.

And the night the pre-season game against some team from Greece had to be abandoned in the final minute because the lights went out seemed at the time to be a fitting end of an exhibition game.


But, overall …

I’ve spent more time than I should have in that building over 20 years, it’s like a third or fourth home to me and it’s been a pretty good place to work.

The press room’s way too small, the concourses strike me as too narrow although they’d done a great job at the west end atrium and the back-of-house is basically inadequate.

But when the joint is rollicking, it’s one of the best in the league. I can rip it because it’s mine but when others get after it, I get defensive. I like the old dump.

Happy Basketball Birthday.


How many of you noticed the other night that the TFCs got drilled, 4-0, in the opening leg of the CONCACAF Champions League down in Panama, which means that competition will be over for them next week after the return leg here.

It’s gonna be a long, long, long season for Reds fans, I fear.


Looks like we’re not going to get a morning off here this week because we’ll have to do something on DeMar tomorrow, Saturday will wrap-up the Spurs game (not early, mind you!) and Sunday’s the mail.


Late night in the practice facility last night, they didn’t start until 6, it was well after 7 when they finished and didn’t get filed until nearly 9 p.m.

Not a fan of that timing, that’s for sure.

The only other notable thing came from Jeremy Lin, who is absolutely still getting used to his new surroundings.

“Even today I went to pick up my gear and had to ask where. I wound up taking Kyle’s because I was so used to being 7. So I grabbed all his gear and I was like man, these socks are really long. This is weird.

“I actually put it on and came out and then realized I didn’t have my practice jersey. They said it should have been on my loop so I went back in and realized ‘Oh I’m not 7 anymore.’

“So just little things like that, learning everybody and everything. I need to figure out where to get the food, where to ice, all that stuff.”

The little things, eh?

And, no, neither Lowry nor Leonard was there, they didn’t have to be back until today because they played in Sunday’s game and are contractually allowed the extra day off.

I’m sure we’ll see them late tonight and find out what Kawhi thinks about another game against his old team.
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