Fan voting follies create some, um, unique results

Fan voting follies create some, um, unique results
This really isn’t anything I’m going to get too worked up about because I really don’t care an awful lot but many of you do so, whatever.

The latest results of voting for the starters in next month’s NBA all-star game were made public yesterday and, as usual, the fans got it pretty correct but the misses, in my opinion, are incredibly egregious and, well, laugable.

Derrick Rose?

Derrick Freaking Rose?

An NBA all-star starter? In 2019? Of the so-so Minnesota Timberwolves? That Derrick Rose? Ahead of, let’s see, James Harden, Klay Thompson, Russell Westbrook and, bless his heart, DeMar DeRozan? Voters are drunk.

It’s a flaw in the system, for sure, and it’s correctable and it’s not a huge deal except that it is in some ways.

If Rose, and to the same extent Dwyane Wade, are ultimately voted as starters, it will take a berth away from someone more deserving. Coaches can’t correct it, it’s done and it will be wrong.

Total disclosure: I have a ballot in the media portion of the election process. We have to choose two backcourt players and three frontcourt players in each conference and the media panel counts for 25 per cent of the overall vote. The fan total is 50 per cent, the players vote represents the other 25 per cent. It will be impossible to narrow the list of all-star starters to five in each conference and I will tell you how I vote when I do. I have no clue today who I will put on my ballot except to say it will not include Rose or Wade.

This isn’t a way around this but here’s an idea that might recognize some players who need to be recognized as all-stars for one reason or another.


Heck, teams can dress 13 guys for some any regular season game that doesn’t really matter, why in the world are all-star teams limited to 12?

Why not make ‘em 15? Why not give the commissioner some discretion to add one or two “honourary all-stars” to each conference? It would be wonderful for fans to be able to cheer for and say thank you to guys like Wade and Dirk Nowitzki and, yeah, North Carolina product Vince Carter in Charlotte this year. It would give them the all-star send-off they deserve for all their years of service. It wouldn’t take away from anyone legitimately worthy of being on the team and would be a nice touch.

It wouldn’t solve the Rose issue this year but I am certain that saner minds will prevail and he won’t make it as a fan selection. The media and players will not let that happen but it would be a way to honour Wade, and Nowitzki, who is surely deserving of league-wide recognition.
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