Justin Bieber gives talk show host Jimmy Fallon a lesson in hockey

Justin Bieber gives talk show host Jimmy Fallon a lesson in hockey
For a singer, his rendition of ‘O Canada’ could have been a bit better, but Justin Bieber got the better of comedian Jimmy Fallon when the Canadian singing superstar taught the talk show host how to play hockey.

“Or as they call it in Canada,” said an inquisitive Fallon turning to Bieber.

“Hockey,” deadpanned Bieber in a video that appeared on Fallon’s talk show.

Bieber wore a un-numbered Maple Leafs jersey with his name on the back. Fallon wore a New York Rangers jersey. Fallon, who seemed not to know anything about the sport, asked Bieber who his favourite hockey player was.

“Alexander Nordique,” said Bieber.

When Fallon bit, Bieber told him he just made the name up.

Bieber showed off his considerable hockey skills, trying to teach Fallon to skate, stop, carry the puck and shoot.

They tried backhanded shots. Fallon preferred backhanded compliments.

“I like your moustache,” said Fallon. “I love that it’s not quite skeevy.”

After Bieber won the shootout competition, the two rode the ice resurfacer, with Bieber singing an over-the-top version of ‘O Canada.’

Bieber regularly plays with his buddies in his hometown of Stratford. He invited Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner and Tyson Barrie to a game over Christmas.
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