Monday s Mailbag: Nazem Kadri should have dropped the gloves

Monday s Mailbag: Nazem Kadri should have dropped the gloves
Here’s one last point about Nazem Kadri while we await the inevitable suspension: He’s not going down fighting. He didn’t fight. Fighting – ya know, actually dropping the gloves – would have been the better option.

It would have resulted – at worst – in five-and-a-game. But there’d be no suspension. Because there never is with a fight.

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He chose cross-check-to-the-head along the boards with a player in a vulnerable position.

To be honest, I think most hockey fans would rather see a fight than a cross check. Am I wrong. I can live without either, but I’d rather see the fight.

I’m not sure why Kadri goes dirty instead of dropping the gloves. Fighting remains part of the game. Less so these days, but it’s still there. It’s only a penalty.

Jake DeBrusk offered to fight Kadri early. Kadri chose to take it, not fight back. Hoping to get a call. Didn’t get it. Kadri doesn’t get calls. He used to. But he’s been called too many times for fakery.

On the Leafs

The Leafs will be skating this morning, or not. I’ll check in with a separate story on the new Kadri-less lines. Right now, it feels like you guys need a Mailbag. So to the Monday Mailbag:


A little Sun Zhu quote to get the mailbag going, in regards to Auston Matthews

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Auston Matthews follows the last option when it comes to the Bruins. He doesn’t know himself nor the enemy (Bruins) come playoff time. At the time of writing, he has put up two points in nine games against Boston over two series. If he can’t score against Boston due the tight game they play on him, he should be contributing in other ways. He’s a big guy, he can use his weight a bit, play with some grit. But no, he doesn’t know himself other then to be an offensive machine. He can be that over other teams (he had five points against Washington over six games two years ago), but it doesn’t work against Boston. And if we have any chance to beat Boston, he needs to do something of significance.

Your thoughts?

Justin P

ANSWER: Matthews is supposed to score. When a scorer doesn’t score, he’s supposed to do everything else right, especially in his own end. Matthews is at his best when he’s tenacious. He’s never been physical, but I haven’t see the tenacity of the first 20 games of the season when he looked like he might be a challenger for the Hart. I’ve seen it in spurts. It needs to reappear soon.


I cant believe what I witnessed Kadri do last night. Did he just move himself to the front of the line of Dubas’ trade options?

Jim B

ANSWER: Yes, and he lowered his trade value. If he can’t be trusted to keep his head in the playoffs, then a playoff team won’t want him.

He’s such a homer he makes Don Cherry look evenhanded.

Milbury was at his worst discussing the Kadri hit. I agree Kadri’s hit was foolish, undisciplined and deserves whatever suspension he gets from the NHL. BUT....Milbury went on and on about getting this type of thing out of the game, continually berating Kadri. He said nothing about DeBrusk’s deliberate knee on knee hit on Kadri that precipitated the later incident.

I get that Milbury needs to pander to the ‘local’ audience, but he could have said something about the other side

Oh well.....I’m flying home tomorrow to see game three live on Monday, so I can add my voice to the cheering.
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