Tom Brady chugs a beer with Stephen Colbert, tastes first strawberry

Brady previously told New York Magazine in 2016, “I’ve never eaten a strawberry in my life. I have no desire to do that.”

The New England Patriots quarterback stopped by The Late Show on Monday, and told Colbert that despite never eating a strawberry in his life, he hated the smell of the fruit as well.

“That’s springtime, Tom,” Colbert joked.

“My producer tells me that you said to him, ‘I hate strawberries.’ You hate strawberries. But you also told New York magazine last year, ‘I have never eaten a strawberry in my life.’ Which is it, Tom?” he asked. “Do you hate strawberries?”

Colbert then presented Brady with a bowl of strawberries and dared him to take a bite of one. It took some convincing but Brady couldn’t turn down Colbert’s challenge.

“Not that bad,” he said after trying the red fruit for the first time.

“I did it,” Brady declared. “Mom, are you proud of me?”

Brady stopped by The Late Show to promote his new book about his holistic lifestyle, The TB12 Method, but he revealed that he’s changed his diet drastically from his younger years, which included cheeseburgers and beer regularly.
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