AI picks Sanders to win big in Nevada, Biden voters shifting to Buttigieg - Washington Examiner

AI picks Sanders to win big in Nevada, Biden voters shifting to Buttigieg - Washington Examiner
An artificial intelligence analysis of Saturday’s Nevada Democratic Caucus has picked Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as the clear leader who is expected to win with twice the support of his nearest challenger.

The AI model Polly, a market research and predictive tool from Advanced Symbolics Inc., is predicting that Sanders will take over 30%. Pete Buttigieg is slated to come in second, followed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, and Joe Biden.

Polly said that Buttigieg is pulling votes away from Biden, but that the former Delaware senator and vice president has a chance of winning votes held by environmentalist Tom Steyer.

The artificial intelligence system known as Polly is predicting Sen. Bernie Sanders as the winner of the Nevada Caucuses tomorrow.

"Polly is seeing this Democratic primary as those who support Sanders and those who want anyone-but-Sanders,” said ASI Chief Scientist Kenton White.

“The anyone-but-Sanders vote has decidedly moved from Biden to Buttigieg. While polls have Buttigieg at 10% support in Nevada, Polly sees him pulling in over 16% of the electorate — most of this is coming from people who were previously supporting Biden. Polly sees Biden eking out 12%, and finishing in fifth place, before heading into South Carolina,” he added.

Warren’s recent debate performance, where she pummeled Michael Bloomberg, is not resulting in a big upward swing, said White.

“Warren and Klobuchar continue swapping voters. At the moment, Warren is up with 15%, compared to Klobuchar’s 13%. Polly sees the swing vote between these two candidates as largely female. In Nevada, Polly sees that Warren is more successful among women voters than she has been previously in Iowa and New Hampshire,” he added.
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