"It s going to be a much more social experience": Blizzard answers your burning questions about Overwatch on Switch - GamesRadar

It s going to be a much more social experience: Blizzard answers your burning questions about Overwatch on Switch - GamesRadar
"We initially hadn t considered the possibilities of the Switch s gyroscopic features at all when starting the project, but Nintendo encouraged us to investigate it from very early on in development, emphasising how popular it was for Switch players and the amount of games on the platform that used them. So we got it up and running and organised some playtests with a bunch of different people, and the results were honestly eye opening." 

"It s going to be... interesting," he muses. "I m definitely excited to see what happens. I m assuming it s going to be different, but I honestly don t know. I think what will really appeal to a lot of people is the fact that Switch is going to be a much more social experience, where you can get people in a room together for extended sessions, and that in itself is going to lend a more casual atmosphere to the experience."

"When you step back and look at our philosophy for the way we deliver content, one of our values is to ensure parity and fairness across all of our platforms, and we think that it wouldn t be right if PC, PS4, or Xbox players couldn t have access to something that was on Switch. As for previously timed exclusives, I think those are things that we re still discussing, but they fall into different categories. For instance, I m not sure we d ever re-release a skin from Blizzcon 2017 or something like that, but for others we ll be looking into it." In short, don t expect a Donkey Kong Winston skin anytime soon. 
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