Startups Weekly: Zoom CEO says its stock price is ‘too high’

Startups Weekly: Zoom CEO says its stock price is ‘too high’
While I’m on the subject of Uber, the company’s autonomous vehicles unit did, in fact, raise $1 billion , a piece of news that had been previously reported but was confirmed this week. With funding from Toyota, Denso and SoftBank’s Vision Fund, Uber will spin-out its self-driving car unit, called Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group. The deal values ATG at $7.25 billion.


The TechCrunch staff traveled to Berkeley this week for a day-long conference on robotics and artificial intelligence. The highlight? Boston Dynamics CEO Marc Raibert . As we noted last year, the company plans to produce around 100 models of the robot in 2019. Raibert said the company is aiming to start production in July or August. There are robots coming off the assembly line now, but they are betas being used for testing, and the company is still doing redesigns. Pricing details will be announced this summer.

Despite notable rounds for digital health businesses like Ro, known for its direct-to-consumer erectile dysfunction medications , investment in the digital health space is actually down, reports TechCrunch’s Jonathan Shieber . Venture investors, private equity and corporations funneled $2 billion into digital health startups in the first quarter of 2019, down 19 percent from the nearly $2.5 billion invested a year ago. There were also 38 fewer deals done in the first quarter this year than last year, when investors backed 187 early-stage digital health companies, according to data from Mercom Capital Group.
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