3 big stories you might have missed on Friday, May 25, 2018

3 big stories you might have missed on Friday, May 25, 2018
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U.S. officials launch complaint over B.C. wine rules, Seth Rogen volunteers to voice Vancouvers metro system, and Meghan Markle now has her own coat of arms.

1. Wine wars

U.S. officials have asked the World Trade Organization to form a dispute panel on British Columbias rules governing the sale of imported wine, calling the provinces regulations discriminatory and unacceptable.

The officials are taking aim at a rule that prevents non-B.C. wine from being sold on grocery store shelves, relegating such products to a separate store-within-a-store with a separate cash register.

2. Change of tone?

After allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against actor Morgan Freeman, Vancouvers transit system put the brakes on plans to use Freemans voice in a public announcement campaign.

Instead, the city may look to Vancouvers very own Seth Rogen, who said hed be up for the gig.

3. Meghans mark

Meghan Markle is adjusting to her new role as the Duchess of Sussex, a position that comes with plenty of official perks including her own coat of arms.

Kensington Palace released the coat of arms, designed uniquely to suit Markle. It features a blue background to represent the California coast where the duchess was born, two golden rays to symbolize her home states sunshine, and three quills to signify communication and the power of words.
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