Martin Regg Cohn: The Top Ten Reasons — no, 115 — Doug Ford is our best premier ever!

Martin Regg Cohn: The Top Ten Reasons — no, 115 — Doug Ford is our best premier ever!
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He has done 115 great things for you so far. Which works out to about one good deed a day (not counting weekends and holidays) since he took office.

Not for him a Top Ten List when there is so much more to boast about. Which he did with memorable immodesty Monday.

If you’re going to humble brag, best know your audience. And the Economic Club of Canada is nothing if not friendly to Ford, who received a standing ovation even before he uttered a word at lunchtime

For their money ($990 plus HST per table) Ford fans found a five-page print out of his achievements at their tables, just in time for the premier’s turn at the teleprompter. The better to keep track of all he’s done.

“I would put our track record over the last six months up against any government in Canadian history,” Ford proclaimed.

How indeed does that track record compare to the track laid by Sir John A. Macdonald when he completed the CPR tying the nation together? Or to the pipeline laid by Louis St. Laurent across Canada? Or to the network of colleges created by Bill Davis across the province?

Pshaw. This is history in the making — and unmaking.

“In just six months we have accomplished the impossible,” he explained. “And at your table in front of you is a list to prove it.”

Proof, you say? Here it is — “Promises made. Promises kept” — beginning with this bit…
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