Accused killer Bruce McArthur filed for bankruptcy years before charges for murder

Accused killer Bruce McArthur filed for bankruptcy years before charges for murder
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When Bruce McArthur rode the elevator in his Thorncliffe Park building, he was often dressed in clothing fit for working outdoors. He exchanged pleasantries with neighbours, or complaints about building maintenance issues. He often carried baked goods, or bags full of ingredients to make them.

“Nothing about him said ‘I’m killing innocent men,’ neighbour Chantal Smith told the Star

On Thursday, 66-year-old McArthur was arrested for the murder of missing men Andrew Kinsman and Selim Esen. He likely killed others, too, police said in a press conference.

Since the news broke, Smith and her husband have been racking their memories. Did they miss something? A warning sign? “Jeez, can you think of anything?” they asked each other. They’ve come up empty.

But Thomas Donald Bruce McArthur’s troubles were on the public record long before the murder charges on Thursday, which have yet to be proven in court.

McArthur declared bankruptcy in 1999, listing a property in Oshawa he owned with his former wife, Janice. The pair sold the property in 2000.

McArthur and Janice appear to have two children: a daughter and a son. When the Star contacted Janice’s sister on Friday, McArthur’s former brother-in-law answered the phone. “No comment,” he said, before hanging up.

Two neighbours told the Star that McArthur had been living with a man before his arrest.
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