Halifax chiropractor under investigation for social media and blog posts questioning vaccination

Halifax chiropractor under investigation for social media and blog posts questioning vaccination
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HALIFAX — A Halifax chiropractor is under investigation by her profession’s provincial regulatory authority for social media and online posts questioning vaccination.

John Sutherland, executive director of the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors, confirms the college’s registrar filed a complaint against Dr. Dena Churchill on May 17.

Sutherland says Churchill has used various social media platforms to air her views on vaccination, something he says is “outside the scope of chiropractic practice.”

The college’s website contains a statement to that effect, which also says, “The Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors recognizes that vaccination and immunization are established public health practices in the prevention of infectious diseases.”

Sutherland says Churchill has 10 business days to respond to the complaint before it is reviewed by a committee that can fine, suspend a licence, or refer the matter to a hearing.

Churchill, who also promotes herself as an author, public speaker and health coach, writes about health issues including vaccination in a blog entitled Dr. Sexy Mom and also is active regarding the issue on her Twitter feed.

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