Halifax mayor excuses workers’ lateness after ‘ultimate sports day’

Halifax mayor excuses workers’ lateness after ‘ultimate sports day’
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Halifax’s mayor has penned an open letter asking employers to go easy on workers the morning after this Wednesday’s “ultimate sports day” when two major games are expected to draw large crowds and raucous festivities.

The Halifax Wanderers will take to the soccer pitch for a Canadian Championship home game and the Halifax Mooseheads hockey team will drop the puck a few hours later.

Mayor Mike Savage addressed local employers, supervisors and managers, writing that Wednesday night will be “the stuff of legends” for sports fans in the city.

In his letter posted to Twitter on Sunday, Savage said the games will demand a lot from fans and it’s reasonable to expect people will be “operating at a reduced capacity” at work on Thursday morning.

The mayor hinted at the likelihood of heavy drinking and little sleep and wrote, “we all have a role in making it fun.”

Savage suggested employers help their exhausted workers by filling the water cooler, postponing morning meetings and having salty snacks on hand.

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