Kidnapping charges pending in bizarre Alberta crash involving naked suspects

Kidnapping charges pending in bizarre Alberta crash involving naked suspects
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A bizarre car crash involving a BMW filled with naked people has become even stranger as RCMP prepare kidnapping charges against three suspects, who investigators allege intentionally rammed a truck after three people escaped the vehicle.

On Monday, two vehicles collided on a rural road in Nisku, Alta. When officers arrived, they found five people inside a white BMW completely unclothed.

In an update Tuesday, RCMP allege that three people -- a man, a woman and a newborn baby -- were forced from a home in Leduc County and into a vehicle.

Investigators said the man was stuffed into the vehicles trunk but somehow managed to escape. The woman and infant also managed to flee.

Thats when a truck driver passing through the area spotted the three and picked them up.

Derek Scott of LPH Industrial says it was his employee who came to their rescue.

Apparently they came out of the ditch with no shoes on, so he stopped to see obviously if they needed help. Its the middle of the winter and people running around with no shoes on -- you stop to help them, Scott told CTV Edmonton.

After they entered the truck, RCMP said another vehicle purposefully rammed the truck. The force of the collision pushed the truck into a ditch.

They rammed him from behind the unclothed people in the BMW, Scott said.

RCMP arrested five suspects: a man, two women and two female minors. All five were naked when they were taken in to custody.

Kidnapping charges are pending against the three adults, RCMP said. The two youth have since been released.

New video surfaced Tuesday that appears to show the dramatic takedown. Several officers surround the BMW and order someone to Sit down on the ground, right now!

Screaming and crying can be heard coming from the area, and a naked man is eventually escorted by an officer away from the scene.

Scott, who was in the area at the time of the arrest, said he saw police use what appeared to be Tasers on the suspects.

The events leading up to the unusual arrest remain murky. On Tuesday, police cruisers surrounded a nearby home, where a garage door appears heavily damaged.

Construction crews said the police presence has remained at the property for the past day. Investigators have not confirmed if the two scenes are connected.

Scott said he knows members of the family that his employee helped, and that they live close to Nisku. But he would not comment on what may have led to their alleged escape.

Im not going to say too much about the family involved, just because I think theyve been through enough, he said.

The truck driver confirmed Scotts version of events, but refused to speak to CTV Edmonton on camera.

With files from CTV Edmonton

Police escort a naked man from a vehicle in Nisku, Alta. on Monday, Nov. 6, 2017. RCMP say kidnapping charges are pending against three suspects in the bizarre incident.
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