Late edition: 5 things to know on Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017

Late edition: 5 things to know on Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017
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More details on a deadly helicopter crash in Ontario, net neutrality rules repealed, and a 71-year-old rapper is turning heads at her seniors residence for her dope beats. Plus, so called super-agers share their secrets.

1. No survivors: A helicopter crashed into a wooded area in eastern Ontario on Thursday,

2. Digital democracy: Internet service providers in the U.S. celebrated a vote that scrapped Obama-era net neutrality rules and gave service providers the power to block or slow apps and websites as they wish.

3. Fresh beats, old school: Shannon Murphy, 71, doesnt have a record contract yet, but that hasnt prevented her from

4. Manger danger: A cow chosen to partake in a live nativity scene wasnt quite filled with Christmas spirit Thursday morning, and twice ran into traffic to escape the manger.

5. Planet Google: A Google computer program is being credited for helping find a new planet in a far-flung solar system. The planet is likely too hot to sustain life,


Whats the key to living a long life? Exercise? Leafy greens? Drinking lots of water? Researchers studied a group of so-called supercentarians -- those who live older than 110 years -- to answer that question.
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