Man booed at Trudeau town hall for Christianity and Islam don t mix remark

Man booed at Trudeau town hall for  Christianity and Islam don t mix  remark
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During a tense moment at a Saskatchewan town hall Thursday night, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hushed boos and emphasized the governments immigration policy.

A man at the University of Regina event, the second town hall of the week, claimed his family has been in the area for generations and spoke of tyranny coming down on us on the world stage. He added that Christianity and Islam dont mix, a comment that garnered boos from the crowd as the man asked about what he described as an open border.

What are we doing about that thing in particular? An open border, the man said.

Its not an open-border policy. Were not an open country, Trudeau responded, stressing that the rule of law is applied by officials to all immigrants whether they arrive regularly by airport or cross the border from the U.S. illegally.

The exchange began with the man describing tyranny in Europe. Weve got an open border allowing this stuff to come in freely, he said. Youre talking about my freedom and everybodys lives who gave here. Everybody who put their life down on the line and youre saying Eh, its OK, it wont happen to us. Its happening in France and its happening all over.
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