McGill student leader asked to step down for accepting trip to Israel

McGill student leader asked to step down for accepting trip to Israel
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MONTREAL -- A student leader at McGill University says shes being singled out by the schools student society (SSMU) for accepting an all-expenses-paid trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Jordyn Wright, a second-year science student, sits on the student societys board of directors.

"Its a bit upsetting that I m being asked to step down. Especially because I m going in a personal capacity, she said. I m just trying to further my own knowledge as a student and a global citizen."

Wright says she applied to go on the trip as a way to explore her Jewish faith.

"I really wanted to go and just learn. I mean, Israel is something that s really important to me, she told CTV News. I wanted to go see it through that new lens of just really understanding what s going on and how can the country do better for everybody who lives there."

The 10-day Birthright Israel trip is organized by Hillel Montreal. It is billed as an opportunity for students to meet with journalists, politicians and locals in both Israel and Palestine to better understand the complexities of the region.

However, after a campus newspaper published an article labelling the voyage as propaganda offered by a pro-Israel organization, the student council told Wright she either had to cancel or resign from her position.

"It is designed to influence ones opinion upon return," argued Madeline Wilson, SSMU vice-president of university affairs. "There s an agenda behind that and its again being offered to somebody in their capacity as a student leader, not out of a qualification they ve gained from being a student leader.

Hillel Montreal denies the accusations, telling CTV News, Our only expectation of participants is that they engage freely and meaningfully with the many narratives and experiences they will encounter.

"It s being planned by a Jewish community group, but that doesn t necessarily mean that it can t still be a neutral and balanced group, Wright insisted. That accusation, that a Jewish group can t be neutral about Israel, is anti-Semitic.

Officials with McGill University responded to the controversy, saying the SSMUs actions contradict the schools values of inclusion, diversity and respect.
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