More than 1,000 volunteers pledge to clean up trash-filled Toronto ravine

More than 1,000 volunteers pledge to clean up trash-filled Toronto ravine
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Each year as winter turns to spring, melting snow reveals piles upon piles of garbage littering Torontos Don Valley but a group of volunteers is hoping to change that.

The group, Dont Mess With the Don, has rallied together more than 1,000 trash-pickers to help clean up the ravine on April 27.

Going forward, the goal is to keep it clean, says organizer Irene Vandertop.

Its like a season. It comes back every year, Vandertop told CTV News Channel on Friday.

The watershed runs along the 38-kilometre-long Don River and is home to wildlife including deer, coyotes, skunks and rabbits. A network of trails draws runners, cyclists and hikers.

But some of those visitors have left trash in the valley, creating heaps of garbage in the natural habitat.

These are very remote areas, very hard to reach. And were talking literally landfill-quality areas of 200 acres that nobody seemed to be concerned about, Vandertop said.
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