Most infant sleep-deaths in sitting devices happen in car seats: researchers

Most infant sleep-deaths in  sitting devices  happen in car seats: researchers
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Of all the infant deaths recorded in sitting devices during those ten years, almost 63 per cent were in car safety seats. More than 90 per cent of the time the car seats were not being used as directed.

The median age at death was two months old.

The AAP warns against using car seats or any other sitting device as an alternative to a crib, listing risks such as the infant falling, a fall from an elevated surface or the infant flipping onto a soft surface and suffocating. Not buckling your baby properly into the car seat can also result in injury and death.

The AAP says that outside of transporting your child, car seats and other sitting devices are not to be used for sleeping and to bring a portable crib or bassinette to use when you arrive at your destination.
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