NDP suspends Quebec MP Christine Moore in wake of inappropriate conduct allegations

NDP suspends Quebec MP Christine Moore in wake of inappropriate conduct allegations
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In a statement NDP leader Jagmeet Singh said the party has suspended Quebec MP Christine Moore, pending a review of allegations made against her.

“I take these allegations very seriously and I will be appointing an independent investigator to conduct a fair and full examination.

“While that process is ongoing, Mme Moore’s duties as an NDP MP, including participation on any committee, will be temporarily suspended. Once the work of the investigator has been completed, Mme Moore’s role in caucus will be re-evaluated.”

A veteran of the war in Afghanistan, Kirkland accused Quebec MP Moore of inappropriate sexual behaviour, alleging she used her position of authority to take advantage of him.

Kirkland says Moore asked about the various injuries that he sustained in Afghanistan, including a damaged pancreas, crushed vertebrae and PTSD, and invited him to her office after mentioning her background in nursing.

Kirkland alleges that once there, Moore plied him with drinks after reassuring him that the alcohol would not interact with the various medications that he was taking.

Kirkland says many people were aware of his allegations, but he believes it was seen as a joke and that the response would have been different if their genders were reversed.

Moore has not responded to requests for comment.

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