Petro-Canada to add more than 50 fast charging EV stations from coast to coast

Petro-Canada to add more than 50 fast charging EV stations from coast to coast
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Petro-Canada says it will begin to build fast charging stations for electric vehicles from Nova Scotia to British Columbia this spring.

It will install more than 50 of the stations along the Trans Canada Highway that will offer the highest levels of charging, called fast or level 3, which channel up to 200 kilowatts per hour (kWh).

That is enough to charge an EV battery to nearly 80 per cent capacity in less than 30 minutes.

“With more than 1,800 retail and wholesale locations across the country we have the network in place to build Canada’s first electric highway, providing coast-to-coast EV charging for our customers,” said Kris Smith, executive vice president, Downstream, Suncor, in a release.

Canada shares an electric highway with the U.S, spanning from British Columbia to Washington, Oregon and California. Called the West Coast Electric Highway, fast charging stations are located every 40 to 80 kilometres along major roadways.

Although it’s not clear how far apart the stations would be located in Canada, the goal is to put them in places where drivers can shop and eat while they wait. For a list of the locations where an EV fast charge will be available, Petro-Canada suggests motorists visit:

Petro-Canada says drivers won’t need to worry about long line-ups because the stations will feature two fast chargers and have an additional two spots for waiting.

There will be a cost to charge your vehicle, but prices won’t be available until the company builds the network.

In Milton, Ont., Petro-Canada is testing its first EV fast charger site, which is free to use for a limited time. The site uses level 3 DC fast chargers with the main CCS and CHAdeMO adapters.

“We know the needs of our customers are evolving as we transition to a low-carbon future, which is why we are excited to expand our current offering to support this growing customer segment,” Smith said.

According to the Canadian Automobile Association, Canada only has 1,895 level 1 charging stations, 1,490 for level 2 and 180 level 3 stations.

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