Seth Rogen won’t be telling you to stop clipping your nails on the subway anymore

Seth Rogen won’t be telling you to stop clipping your nails on the subway anymore
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If the medium pitched, sometimes barely audible, comedic tone of a 36-year-old Vancouver man got you excited on Toronto’s public transit, we’ve got some bad news — Seth Rogen’s transit etiquette voice clips will no longer be playing on the TTC.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said that the commission began phasing out Rogen’s voice at the end of August, stopping reminders from the Superbad star about what not to do on the subway.

“Hey TTC customers, fellow Canadian Seth Rogen here,” he would always start.

Then, in an all-too-Canuck manner, he sprinkled plenty of “pleases” and “thanks” when informing riders to give up their seats for those who need it or to not put their feet on the seats and he would even chime in about how people shouldn’t clip their nails on the train.

“Hey TTC customers, fellow Canadian Seth Rogen here. I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this, but stop clipping your fingernails on the TTC! It’s gross!”

The announcements were part of the transit commission’s etiquette campaign that had Rogen tape 12 different reminders.

“It was a way to inject some humour into the courtesy and etiquette issues that people are continually asking us to try to figure out,” Ross said.

“We decided that August was a good month to do this. It was a slow month, a quiet month, it was an opportunity to have some fun.”

The Rogen recordings elicited varying responses from riders. Some were thrilled to be humorously scolded by the Vancouver-born actor and others were annoyed, Ross noted.

No matter one’s stance, those recognizable raspy recordings only graced Toronto’s ears for five weeks — and if you had your airpods in the whole time, well there’s no telling if you’ll get to hear those pipes again while traversing TTC tunnels.

“It was meant to be a fun campaign with a finite period of time.”

The last round of Rogen’s announcements filled the city’s underground during the first week of September — Ross said he doesn’t remember the exact date.

“We never spoke about ‘we would end them at this time or that time,’” he said. “It was all very loose, so we didn’t have set time to say ‘OK, we’re going to end them now.’”

As ridership increases in the upcoming months, the TTC felt the etiquette announcements would become too annoying alongside regular announcements of delays and information.

Canadians first started hearing the actor’s voice on transit when Vancouver’s TransitLink announced he would be part of their etiquette campaign in late July — after the company dropped a deal that would have had Morgan Freeman as the announcer.

According to Ross, the actor offered his voice up to all transit systems in the country. “So we took him up on it and so did Vancouver.”
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