Tate gallery loses claim to John Constable painting looted by Nazis, will be sold for up to $1.3M

Tate gallery loses claim to John Constable painting looted by Nazis, will be sold for up to $1.3M
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There is talk of Breitbart bureaus opening in Paris, Berlin and Cairo, spots where the populist right is on the rise. A bigger newsroom is coming in Washington, the better to cover a president-elect whose candidacy it embraced.

Mainstream news outlets are soul-searching in the wake of being shocked by Donald Trumps election last week. But the team at Breitbart News, the right-wing opinion and news website that some critics have denounced as a hate site, is elated and eager to expand on a victory that it views as a profound validation of its cause.

So much of the media mocked us, laughed at us, called us all sorts of names, Alexander Marlow, the sites editor-in-chief, said in an interview Sunday. And then for us to be seen as integral to the election of a president, despite all of that hatred, is something that we certainly enjoy, and savour.

Breitbart not only championed Trump; its chairman, Stephen K. Bannon, helped run his campaign. On Sunday, Trump named Bannon as his chief White House strategist and senior counselor, further closing the distance between Breitbarts newsroom and the president-elect.

Those who consider Trump, who has vilified the news media, a threat to the free press view Bannons appointment as more cause for alarm.

Critics say Breitbart now has the potential to play an unprecedented role in a modern presidency, as a weaponized media adjunct for the White House.

It will be as close as we are ever going to have hopefully to a state-run media enterprise, said Kurt Bardella, a former Breitbart spokesman who quit the site this year, saying it had turned into a de facto super PAC for Trump.

Breitbart has been denounced as misogynist, racist and xenophobic, and it served as a clearinghouse for attacks on Trumps adversaries, spreading unsubstantiated rumors about Hillary Clintons health and undermining its own reporter, Michelle Fields, after she accused Corey Lewandowski, then Trumps campaign manager, of assaulting her.

The site frequently boasts about knowing the pulse of its readers. News articles with evocative headlines, like Paris Streets Turned into WARZONE by Violent Migrants, are frequently followed by comments from readers about the enemy within, migrant scum and the the Jewish-controlled media. Breitbarts writers often vilify the Black Lives Matter movement, emphasizing what they say is a wave of black-on-black crime.
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