The woman to whom Tony Clement sent explicit images was really two guys from Africa, police say

The woman to whom Tony Clement sent explicit images was really two guys from Africa, police say
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The “consenting female” former conservative MP Tony Clement sent sexually explicit images to online, that led to an extortion scandal, turned out to be two men from West Africa, RCMP say.

The two men, only known by initials CH and DML, allegedly posed as a white woman using the name “Brianna Dounia” on LinkedIn and Instagram. They allegedly used the fake identity to lure Clement and later blackmail him over photos and video he sent to the account. Clement was allegedly threatened that the images and video would be released if he didn’t pay 50,000 Euros. A French citizen was also allegedly extorted by the suspects.

The Ivory Coast cybercrimes unit arrested two men in West Africa last month.

An  arrest document

 published by the Ivory Coast cybercrimes unit said that the arrest of the two suspects was possible through its collaboration with its international partners and authorities in the countries of the two victims. The cybercrime unit said that suspect, DML, has already served prison time in Ivory Coast for a similar offence.

In a statement to the National Post the RCMP said: “As a result of excellent collaborative efforts with its internal law enforcement partners, we can confirm that two individuals in Ivory Coast have been charged in this file. National Division RCMP continues to work with its international partners on this matter. No further comments will be made at this time.”

The news of the alleged extortion broke on Nov. 6 when Clement publicly admitted to being blackmailed.

The RCMP began an investigation and Clement promptly resigned from his position in the Conservative shadow cabinet. At the time, Clement was also a member of the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians.

The two suspects arrested last month in the Ivory Coast in the alleged extortion case involving former Conservative MP Tony Clement. The suspects are only known by the initials CH and DML.

In 2015, when Clement served as a cabinet minister for Stephen Harper, the federal government became aware of “romance scams” coming out of the Ivory Coast. A public warning was issued telling Canadians to be “cautious and avoid sharing personal information with people overseas” due to the high risk of identity theft.

One of the women told the Star Clement was aware someone had “hacked” into his social media accounts in June 2018 and he asked her to delete any records of their interactions and she agreed. She also said, shortly afterwards she was contacted by an Instagram account that alleged Clement behaved inappropriately towards multiple women on social media.

The second woman was also contacted via Instagram by a strange account and she said she was offered money to relay details of her relationship with Clement.

The news of Clement’s infidelity led to him being kicked out of the Conservative caucus and a second public apology where he said though the affairs were “consensual” they were “absolutely wrong”. Despite a petition by women in his riding, Parry Sound-Muskoka, asking him to step down; Clement, who is married with three children, continues to serve as an independent.

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