Tim Hortons introduces Beyond Meat sausage sandwiches

Tim Hortons introduces Beyond Meat sausage sandwiches
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Three plant-based breakfast sandwich options will be available at Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada starting today. (CNW Group / Tim Hortons) Staff

Published Wednesday, June 12, 2019 9:17PM EDT

Tim Hortons has introduced a meat-free sausage patty to its breakfast menu, jumping onto the recent success of Beyond Meat products in Canada.

The Beyond Breakfast sausage patty is now available at the chains nearly 4,000 Canadian locations. The vegetarian option can be ordered on three different menu items, including an English muffin sandwich, a wrap and a biscuit sandwich.

Tim Hortons isnt the first fast-food chain to offer Beyond Meat products. The meat alternative company made headlines last year after it signed a deal to serve its plant-based hamburgers at A&W restaurants.

The burgers are also available in Canadian grocery stores.

The California-based company has had a successful year. Beyond Meat debuted on the stock market in May and quickly saw their stock price skyrocket by 160 per cent. The company said it expects its full-year revenue to hit $210 million by the end of 2019, more than double its 2018 revenue.

The meatless products have been touted as a convincing and environmentally-friendly alternative to beef. From a health perspective, Beyond Meats 4-ounce burger patty is similar in calories and protein content to a beef burger.
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