Website will track commitments in mandate letters for Liberal ministers

Website will track commitments in mandate letters for Liberal ministers
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OTTAWA -- The federal government has set up a website to track the 364 commitments Prime Minister Justin Trudeau outlined in mandate letters to his cabinet ministers.

Canadians can now go online to check out whether a specific pledge has been met, is underway, is going through challenges or, in the case of electoral reform, has been abandoned.

The mandate letter tracker also reveals that a promise to give companies that hire younger workers for permanent jobs a one-year break on employment insurance premiums is no longer being pursued.

Neither is a commitment to remove the GST on new capital investments in all affordable rental housing.

The Privy Council Office asked each department to evaluate its progress, with an official acknowledging there was some back-and-forth on how to classify things.

The effort is being described as a way to increase transparency and accountability, as this is the first time a federal government has shared mandate letters or publicly tracked their progress.

New mandate letter tracker lets you search 364 mandate commitments / govt priorities by status. They call broken promises: commitments "not being pursued" #cdnpoli
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