What are the risk factors with condo living amid COVID-19 pandemic?

What are the risk factors with condo living amid COVID-19 pandemic?
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TORONTO -- Living in a condo or apartment building with shared facilities and tight spaces amid the COVID-19 pandemic presents its own set of challenges. 

While health officials are telling the public to stay two metres away from each other to curb the spread of the virus, how does one successfully do that in a 25-storey condo building with hundreds of tenants using the same elevators? 

Dr. Isaac Bogoch, infectious disease specialist at Toronto’s University Health Network, said the key to protecting yourself is washing your hands. 

“We know the virus can be transmitted through what we call droplets and through contact,” he told CTV’s Your Morning on Friday. “If someone coughs in an elevator, and as disgusting and rude as this sounds, directly in your face, you can get [COVID-19] that way.” 

However, he said a more likely way of contracting the virus is if someone touches a common surface contaminated with droplets. 

“If you touch the elevator buttons and rub your eyes or touch your mouth or nose, then you could get it that way. So hand hygiene is key,” he said. 

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