Why is Toronto called 6? : What people are Googling before Game 6 of NBA Finals

Why is Toronto called 6? : What people are Googling before Game 6 of NBA Finals
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According to Google, top questions for people searching Toronto and Oakland included How long is the flight from Toronto to Oakland? and Who were the Raptors before Toronto?

The answer to that last one, by the way, is no one. The Raptors have been in Toronto since the franchise .

And in the 24 hours after Mondays Game 5, when it came to Canadian rapper and Raptors global brand ambassador Drake, people in Oakland were Googling his age and who hes trolling on the Warriors squad.

Californians even looking up, how much does it cost to put up a billboard?

The Drake-centric searches make sense since Champagne Papi has been trolling the Warriors since Game 1, when he wore a throwback Raptors jersey from when Steph Currys father Dell played in Toronto.

His courtside antics have irked some fans but led to a grand swell of popularity and memes.

Canadas favourite sideliner also that read, Wheres Kevin? in reference to then-sidelined, injured Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant.

The Dub Nation, as Warriors fans are known, is also asking about Drakes real name and who he brings to the games. But people have also taken to Google to figure out more about Toronto.

The top search topics for Toronto Raptors and Oakland were When was the last time the Raptors were in the finals? and How much was a ticket for Raptors tonight?

The answer to the first question is a solid never -- although they have come close a handful of times. And as for the second? Although tickets are sold out for a potential Game 7 in the Scotiabank Arena, the cheapest tickets for Game 1 in the nosebleed 300s section went for about CAD$1,970 on the ticket reseller site StubHub.

But one of the most noteworthy searches was: Why are the Raptors in the NBA?

First off, rude. Second, the Raptors are in the NBA because We The North and we earned it.

After Thursdays game -- where Toronto hopes to clinch the series 4-2 -- Canadians can only hope the top search will be: Where in Toronto is the Larry O Brien Championship Trophy held?
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