A breed apart: Rare Westminster dogs have ring to themselves

NEW YORK - Every dog breed has its day at the Westminster Kennel show. That day can start by facing off against dozens of dogs — or no others at all.

While 48 French bulldogs vied Monday to be best of their breed, there were only one harrier and one English foxhound at the United States’ most prestigious dog show.

There were two Norwegian lundehunds (LUHN’-duh-hund), the rarest breed in the American Kennel Club’s rankings.

Overall, the more than 2,800 dogs that signed up to compete for Best in Show this year come from 203 breeds and varieties. That’s every registered breed except the Chinook.

Rarity and super-popularity are both seen as mixed blessings in canine competition, and sometimes in the purebred dog world as a whole.
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