Bill de Blasio: New York mayor enters presidential race

Bill de Blasio: New York mayor enters presidential race
In a video released on Thursday, Mr de Blasio said it was "time we put working people first" and said President Donald Trump "must be stopped".

"I m a New Yorker, I ve known Trump s a bully for a long time," he added. "I know how to take him on."

He is expected to visit Iowa and South Carolina to begin campaigning this weekend.

Mr de Blasio is the latest of more than 20 people to officially declare their candidacy to become the Democrat s presidential nominee and challenge President Trump in 2020.

But the Manhattan-born politician is no stranger to crowded races, beating out eight other Democratic contenders in his mayoral primary.

The 58-year-old progressive politician won a landslide victory in 2013 to become New York s first Democratic mayor since 1993.

Previously serving on the city s council and as New York Public Advocate, Mr de Blasio has implemented a programme of free universal pre-school, made police wear body cameras and highlighted economic inequality in the most populous city in the US.

In 2017 he was re-elected in another landslide, winning more than 66% of the vote against his Republican challenger.

Image caption Mr de Blasio was elected by a landslide in 2013, securing more than 73% of the vote

But rumours he would announce a run for the presidency have angered the city.

. "Every listed party, gender, racial, borough and age group agrees that the mayor should not hit the campaign trail," the pollster reported.

His campaign has been rocky before it has even begun. His press secretary resigned as news of a potential run broke - as did a communications aide to Mr de Blasio s Political Action Committee (PAC).
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