Fight over public urination ends with Alabama man shot

GRAND BAY, Ala. - An Alabama man confronted a neighbour who was urinating in public and was shot in the face during a gunfight that followed, a sheriff’s office said.

Their fight began as the man was urinating in a street near Grand Bay early Sunday morning, Mobile County Sheriff’s Capt. Paul Burch said.

The upset neighbour got a gun from his car and began firing the first shots, Burch told news outlets. The other man then got a gun from his own vehicle and returned fire, he said.

“The one who was mad about the guy peeing is the one who fired the first shots and he got shot,” Burch told

His injuries weren’t considered life-threatening and he was flown to a hospital in Pensacola for treatment, Burch said.

No charges were filed as of Monday. Burch said the investigation was turned over to the District Attorney to see whether a case could be made for self-defence.

“He was being shot at first,” Burch said. “This is out in the county, there wouldn’t be an ordinance about urinating in public. It’s more common decency than anything.”
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