Man’s hand blown off; note references violence against women

ABINGDON, Va. - A southwest Virginia man who blew off his hand in an apparent explosives accident has been charged in federal court after authorities say they found evidence he was making a bomb and wanted to target “hot cheerleaders” because of his sexual frustrations.

An FBI affidavit filed Friday in federal court in Abingdon says 23-year-old Cole Carini of Richlands showed up at a hospital Wednesday with one hand blown off, fingers blown off his second and other shrapnel wounds.

He told authorities he’d been in a lawnmower accident. But authorities searched his property, and found explosives materials, rusty nails, pipes and pieces of flesh. They also found parts of a scorched letter that referenced tension “as he now approached the stage of hot cheerleaders” and “I will not be afraid of the consequences no matter what I will be heroic I will make a statement like Elliott Rodgers.”

Elliott Rodger killed himself in 2014 after killing six others, including two women outside a sorority house near Santa Barbara, Caifornia, leaving behind a manifesto that has been a rallying point for the online “incel” community. Incels, a shorthand phrase for “involuntarily celibate,” justify violence against women as revenge for men who are rejected as sexual partners.
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