Mexican government accuses Carolina Herrera of cultural appropriation

Mexican government accuses Carolina Herrera of cultural appropriation
But Mexico s culture secretary has written to the fashion house complaining about the use of patterns from indigenous communities.

A spokesman for Ms Herrera, who was born in Venezuela, said the brand recognises Mexican artisans work.

The spokesman added , according to AP news agency.

In an unusual step, Mexico s culture secretary Alejandra Frausto sent a letter of complaint to both Ms Herrera and the fashion house s creative director, Wes Gordon.

According to Spanish language newspaper El Pais, Ms Frausto told the designers that some of the patterns used in the collection are unique to certain regions of Mexico and their indigenous peoples, and asked whether these communities would benefit in any way from the sale of the clothes.

She then described the significance of some of the patterns, and asked the designers for a public explanation for how they came to use them.
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