Nanny caught on cam appearing to hit and swear at children in her care

Nanny caught on cam appearing to hit and swear at children in her care
A nanny in Castle Rock, Colorado, was apparently caught hitting and swearing at children in her care on December 14 thanks to a security camera set up by a concerned mother. (Shalin Cruz via Storyful) Staff

Published Friday, January 11, 2019 4:33PM EST

A nanny in the U.S. has been fired after she was caught on camera appearing to hit and swear at the children in her care.

Shalin Cruz, a Colorado mother, hired a nanny to take care of her two children, including her six-year-old son, who she says has autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Cruz installed a hidden security camera in the house after she says her son came to her and said that he was being hit in a way [she] wouldnt like, and a neighbour tipped her off that shouting was being heard from her apartment during the day.
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