Prison guard gets 3 years in prison in Turkey-related case

NEW YORK - A New York prison guard who admitted accepting over $25,000 in cash bribes to smuggle cellphones, alcohol and food to a wealthy Turkish gold trader has been sentenced to three years in prison.

Federal Judge Richard Sullivan said Friday that he wanted the public, prison employees and prisoners to understand the seriousness of Victor Casado’s crime.

Casado pleaded guilty in August , admitting that he accepted cash to make deliveries to the trader, Reza Zarrab. Zarrab later pleaded guilty in a co-operation deal and testified against a Turkish banker who was convicted at trial.

The prosecution of the banker strained U.S.-Turkey relations as officials in Turkey called the trial a charade.

Zarrab, arrested in 2016, is awaiting sentencing. Previously, he lived in Istanbul with his wife, Turkish pop star Ebru Gundes.
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