Security video shows senior beaten with gun in Missouri

Security video shows senior beaten with gun in Missouri
Investigators said a man wearing a mask with a skull on it approached a home in St. Louis, Mo. on Friday afternoon, and forced his way inside after a 79-year-old man opened the front door.

Security footage taken from inside the home shows the intruder take off the seniors baseball cap and press a gun to his head.

What the hell is this? Get out of here! Get out of here! the man can be heard yelling before the suspect smacks him across the head with the gun.

The senior is seen stumbling towards a chair in the foyer where he sits down and shouts at the man, Ow! Whats the matter with you multiple times as the intruder repeatedly hits the man on the head with the gun.

Moments later, the intruder shoves the man from the chair and onto the floor. The suspect can be seen patting the senior mans jean pockets as he lies on the ground and says I dont have one repeatedly.
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