The Latest: House falls short in capital budget funds

Minority House Republicans, some of whom supported passage of the capital budget, nonetheless voted against tapping the constitutional budget reserve to help cover costs. Three-fourths support is needed to access the reserve fund.

House Minority Leader Lance Pruitt had said he couldn’t see members of his caucus supporting a draw from the reserve fund without funding for an Alaska Permanent Fund dividend settled. A proposed amendment to pay a full dividend of about $3,000 to residents from permanent fund earnings failed earlier in the day.

The capital budget and dividend are the unresolved items in this special session, which is set to expire Friday.


2:10 p.m.

The Alaska House has voted down a proposal to pay residents full dividend checks of around $3,000 this year from the state’s oil-wealth fund, setting the stage for another special session.

The vote was 15 in support, 21 against.

Some saw a full payout as a way to build trust with Alaskans after several years of reduced payouts. Others questioned the affordability.

Dividends have long been paid using Alaska Permanent Fund earnings, which lawmakers also have started using to help pay for government costs.

Last week, the Senate by one vote failed to approve a full dividend. When it had a chance later to revive the bill for another vote, it failed to do so.
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