Trump attacks left-wing Google search results

Trump attacks  left-wing  Google search results
In a tweet, he accused the technology giant of prioritising negative news stories from what he described as the "national left-wing media".

He said most of the stories that appeared on the results page were negative and that conservative reporting was being "suppressed".

Google denied using political viewpoints to shape its search results.

Mercedes Bunz, a lecturer in digital technology at Kings College London, told BBC News it was highly unlikely that Google was deliberately ranking news according to political bias.

"Google s news algorithm is optimised for actuality and proximity of an event but it is generally not optimised to look for political orientation," she said.

"However, it has a tendency to rank web pages higher that a lot of people link to.

"For news, this does not seem to have changed with Google s last update of its search algorithm, which was rolled out on 1 August."

Google states on its support page that there are "over 200 factors" that feed into the ranking of a web page on its search engine.

In his tweets, President Trump claimed that 96% of the news articles presented by Google in response to the phrase "Trump news" were from left-wing news outlets.
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