Audi s Electric Models Will Retain a Traditional Grille

Audi s Electric Models Will Retain a Traditional Grille
As we ve seen throughout the automotive industry, the arrival of electric models has meant significant design changes. The design constraints when developing EVs are so different that designers and stylists enjoy certain freedoms they didn t have before.

This can mean, for example, placing a trunk in the front or increasing interior space due to the absence of a transmission tunnel. Aesthetically, we ve also seen electric models get fundamentally different and very distinct front ends, mostly because with no combustion engine to cool, the openings provided by traditional grilles are no longer necessary.

At Audi, like at so many other automakers, the development of electric vehicles is going full steam ahead. The German company could well abandon the combustion engine completely by 2016. However, what it won t abandon is its traditional grille.

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Audi Q8

Indeed, Audi considers the grille an important and distinctive styling element, one that will continue to play a major role in the design of the brand s products. The so-called single-frame grille is here to stay, no matter what kind of drivetrain a model will have.

The promise was made by Audi officials during a recent virtual roundtable discussion with media representatives, as reported by MotorTrend.

Certainly, Audi s already unique style was already unique. If the brand remains the only one to offer a classic grille in the electric vehicle era, it will differentiate itself even more.

Of course, we ll have to see how Audi s styling language evolves as the company introduces all-electric designs. It s easy to imagine that the grilles will retain their basic shape. What s behind them could be modified to suit the effects of an electric design, including optimized aerodynamics and, in turn, range.

Also, judging by some of Audi s electric models produced to date (e-tron and A6 e-tron Concept), there won t be a one-size-fits-all approach.
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