Driving into the Future: A hydrogen-fueled future?

Driving into the Future: A hydrogen-fueled future?
More and more manufacturers are jumping on the zero-emission vehicle bandwagon. So far, all of the hype has surrounded battery-powered electric cars, while alternative solutions such as fuel cell vehicles had been thought to have been left behind. More recently, however, hydrogen has staged something of a comeback with many countries — of which Canada is one — investing in a future hydrogen economy. More importantly, at least to this discussion, is that numerous manufacturers — including Nokia and Hyundai from the trucking industry, Toyota’s automotive division and even motorcycling’s Kawasaki — have doubled down on hydrogen.  

That’s why we’re presenting this  Is hydrogen the fuel of the future  roundtable. In our discussion, we’ll find out the differences — and the surprising similarities — between battery-powered EVs and fuel cell vehicles. We will find out what the future of a hydrogen refuelling infrastructure looks like. We’ll even explore the possibilities of burning hydrogen in a piston engine that results in (almost) zero-emissions internal combustion.   

Helping us answer all those questions is Gil Pratt, Chief Scientist and Executive Fellow for Research, Toyota Motor Corporation; Gary Patterson, VP of customer relations at Gaussin; John Komar, executive Director of Ontario Tech University; and Mark Kirby, President and CEO, The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.  

So join us on December 1 st  as we explore yet more horizons in automotive technology. What you learn may determine what you’ll drive in the future.  
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