Ford’s Bronco build-‘n’-price configurator is live and we broke down the trims

Ford’s Bronco build-‘n’-price configurator is live and we broke down the trims
After much pomp, off-road circumstance, and a whole buncha waiting, Ford has released the clamps on its Build & Price tool for the upcoming Bronco . This means dirt-focused gearheads with delusions of back-country grandeur can finally build the object of their Bronco desire.

Well, virtually, anyway. These rigs won’t show up on dealer lots for another few cycles of the moon.

Sticker price of a two-door Base model Bronco (no, really — the trim is actually called ‘Base,’ a refreshingly honest departure from ‘S’ or ‘XL’ or some other soup of consonants) starts at $42,499 including destination and fees. This we already knew, thanks to Ford loudly trumpeting that figure back in July. Adding two more doors adds about $5,000.

Ford also made a lot of noise about offering the brutish Sasquatch off-road package on nearly every trim, including Base. At this level, the package – which includes 35-inch mud-terrain tires on 17-inch beadlock-capable wheels, high-clearance suspension, and front/rear lockers – is listed at considerable $7,000. However, the tally actually bumps upward by $9,745 after other bundled equipment is included. This brings the net price to $52,244.

It’s also worth noting that, for whatever reason, the configurator currently forces customers to select an automatic transmission with the Sasquatch package. This was the original game plan until into offering the gnarly bundle with a stick.

If it’s taking this long for Ford to simply alter the configurator to reflect this change, your author wonders aloud how long it’ll take them to integrate the new combination on their actual, you know, production line. Just a thought.

So, then – $52,244 for a stripper Sasquatch Bronco (apologies for the mental image that may have created). Let’s hop to the other end of the truck’s trim walk. The mighty Wildtrak model, in which the Samsquamtch Sasquatch package is standard, has a net price of $58,494.

Now, we understand that a price difference of $6,250 is certainly a heap-o-beans, but it is worth noting Wildtrak also comes with the V6 engine, better infotainment, heated seats, CoPilot360 driving aids, and dual-zone climate control just to mention a few of its features.

Suddenly, the Base trim looks a lot less appealing.

Making sense of trims: 2021 Ford Bronco lineup explained

With all this in mind, let’s select a mid-grade trim. Black Diamond models are promoted as “adventure off-roading” machines and do indeed come equipped with heavy-duty modular bumpers and stout steel bash plates, a $1,500 option on Wildtrak. Its price of entry is $48,499, with a $9,245 surcharge for the Sasquatch package, bringing the tally to $57,744. That’s just $750 less than the Wildtrak and doesn’t include any of the features listed two paragraphs above.

There is a chance, of course, that the near-$10,000 figure will be reduced by at least a couple of grand once Ford stops forcing the Build & Price tool to select an automatic transmission with the Sasquatch package. However, we must report what is currently being offered and will update this post when things change.

Ford’s been building vehicles for over a century and definitely knows how to maximize its profits. Canadians seeking to spend less than fifty large on a Sasquatch-equipped Bronco may be waiting awhile, though it is worth noting Ford itself has described the $40,000 Bronco Base as a “no-frills SUV for those who want to customize their own”.

With that in mind, it may be prudent for those seeking a Max Attack Bronco to spend the difference on a custom build, as the aftermarket will surely be awash in parts approximately three seconds after the first Bronco drops on dealer lots.

Look for a comprehensive Bronco trim walk on these digital pages later this year.
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