Here s the Next Ford Ranger, in Global Form

Ford gave its F-150 a significant makeover just two years ago, and this year it’s rolling out the new Maverick pickup . Next up for a makeover is the Ranger pickup, the next generation of which has just revealed. Or at least, the version destined for the global market. And don t forget the all-electric F-150 Lightning .

And just like that, Ford has, in two years, completely renewed and expanded its pickup lineup.

In the case of the Ranger, the overhaul was, well overdue. Even though Ford’s resurrection of the model in North America dates only to 2019, that resurrection actually consisted of a warmed-over product it has been selling in Australia and other markets since 2012. A renewal was clearly called for, especially to allow the model to keep up with the competition.

The new Ranger presented this week should arrive in North America in 2023. The pickup borrows from the Maverick, but also from the F-150. Horseshoe-shaped LED headlights, wheels designed for off-road driving, bulging front fenders and a slotted hood are all obvious at first glance. We also note the presence of a running board on the Wildtrak version (in yellow), which seems to stand higher off the ground than the other variants in the lineup. We ll see.
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