Monthly Update for September 2019 - 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Long-Term Road Test

"I was able to get the Bolt up to a good speed on an open stretch of highway (a rarity during L.A. rush hour), and the grooves really made the ride feel unstable." Kathleen Clonts, copy chief


"I don t know how many times I have driven the Bolt, and I never noticed it had a pedestrian detection system until today. The car was moving slowly ahead at a congested light. And when a gentleman to the left of the intersection approached the car asking for money, I noticed a little red light of a person pop up on the dash. (The symbol is officially called the Pedestrian Ahead Indicator.) It s definitely not a place I d normally look for a warning light, so you have to wonder about its effectiveness." Kathleen Clonts


"I was getting some laminate floors installed in my home and needed to return some surplus items to the hardware store for a refund. I was able to fit three 50-pound bags of self-leveler, three long strips of molding, and some weatherproofing material, all in the back of the Bolt (see photo)." Ron Montoya, senior consumer advice editor


"Attention, Bolt owners, if you re looking for a sneaker to match the light ash gray/ceramic-colored interior, I believe I ve stumbled across it. I was wearing my Nike Air Jordan 1 NYC to Paris sneakers and chuckled as I set foot inside. Nike calls the color light bone, but it is a dead ringer for the Bolt s light ash gray (see photo)." Ron Montoya
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I was able to get the Bolt up to a good speed on an open stretch of highway a rarity during L.A. rush hour , and the grooves really...
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