The top 10 videos of 2019

The top 10 videos of 2019
From first looks and comparisons; to gorgeous dream-cars and adventures, we like to think we’ve got all the bases covered, whether you’re an enthusiast or just car-curious.

The Audi AI:Trail is our most popular video of 2019, with more than a million views. What’s the draw? If we had to guess, you can probably chalk up those numbers to the fact it’s a wildly futuristic concept, built for either beach or bug-out.

If there’s a piece of tech this vehicle doesn’t have, we don’t wanna see it. It almost looks ready for outer space, as do the drones that take the place of the headlights. (Yes, that’s right, the headlights detach and can fly ahead to illuminate the trail.)

Most relevant car comparison ever made? Probably! The choices for a compact crossover are endless, but the Subaru Forester and Toyota RAV4 are two of the most popular, and our viewers thought so, too, making this the second-most-popular video of 2019. For those cross-shopping crossovers, it’s unlikely you’ll overlook these two vehicles.

Two sports car brands building SUVs? It’s more common than you might think — in fact, almost every brand these days has its own flavour of family hauler.

So what if you want a little bit more boogie in your back seat than a standard family bus? Look to Germany, who decided that just because you have kids doesn’t mean that you need to own a minivan. But whose is best? Check it out, in our third-most-viewed video of the year.

Auto shows are big business, and so is making videos about all the reveals that happen at them. It can be a daunting task to wade through all the vehicles, but luckily we’ve done it for you, choosing the best and worst vehicles from the 2019 New York Auto Show.

We do this for almost every auto show, but in New York we had the A-team out and about, which is possibly why this is our fourth-most-popular video of the year.

The Defender took a hiatus for a while so Land Rover could update its looks and technology to meet not only the 20th century, but the 21st, as well. This is a polarizing vehicle, as it turns out, and it’s hard to tell if the new looks will become timeless.

As long as it’s good off-road, however, the modern looks and comfort questions will fall by the wayside, replaced by dirt and door dings.

As sports cars get rarer and rarer, we get sadder. There are days, however, where we get to play with two at once, and that makes us momentarily happier, at least.

The BMW Z4 is back in the sports car vein, now sharing a platform and parts with the 2020 Toyota Supra. While BMW has been making sports cars for quite some time, so has another German: Porsche. Is the newcomer better than the old dog with new tricks? We make you extremely jealous to find out.

It’s hard to tell, but there are actually two different models in our seventh-most-popular video of 2019. The Hyundai Santa Fe must fend off a new challenger with an old name, the Chevrolet Blazer.

But people are still asking: Ford or Dodge? We take a look at the latest heavyweights from the two automakers to enter the ring, and decide which one better deserves your Canuck Bucks.

We all have dream cars, vehicles that don’t leave our mind until we experience them, touch them and drive them. A lot of enthusiasts’ dream cars are typically powered by a V12, are often Italian, and produce a lot of horsepower in a wildly outrageous package.

I’ll bet you’re thinking of something like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, right? What you’re probably not thinking is the LM002, which ticks all those boxes, but does it in the dirt. It’s David Booth’s dream car, and it’s our ninth-most-viewed video of the year.

We all wish we were rich, or perhaps that we made enough money to live comfortably. The definition of Bentley is living in comfort, and the 2020 Flying Spur is a love song for those that have it easy.

Now, we’re all regular people here at, but it’s nice to get a chance to step into the world of the excess, and what better way to do it than with a 635-horsepower W12? The intimidating sedan brings class and style to wherever you take it — or where your chauffeur brings you.
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