Boohoo: Price differences for same clothes a genuine mistake

Boohoo: Price differences for same clothes  a genuine mistake
Identical clothing was sold at different prices across Boohoo s brands due to a "genuine mistake and not business practice", the retailer says.

The same coat was sold by and the Coast item had the brand name cut off.

Joanna Sikora ordered a skirt from Karen Millen and found it had an Oasis label with that branding crossed out.

Boohoo said it had not realised its companies had bought the same items and branded and priced them differently.

It comes as the BBC was sent further examples of coats on the Oasis and Coast websites at different prices.

Jess, who asked us not to use her last name, spotted the khaki coats pictured, which have since been removed from both sites.

She said: "You buy a brand in good faith that what you are getting is exclusive to the company. I initially assumed that the previous instances were a slight mix up, however after finding these myself I now realise that this is common practice in Boohoo. It doesn t speak well for the company if fooling the customer is their main method for turning a profit."
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