Do your colleagues know how much you earn?

Do your colleagues know how much you earn?
Whether it is the moment in a job interview when the topic of money is raised, or a request for an advance at the end of an expensive month, it is rarely a comfortable conversation.

But for almost one in five workers, having a conversation about their salary with a colleague could be more than uncomfortable, it could get them fired, according to a study.

A survey by the Trades Union Congress suggests that 18% of workers had been told that they were not allowed to discuss pay with their colleagues

"Pay secrecy clauses are a get out of jail free card for bad bosses," said TUC general secretary Frances O Grady.

"They stop workers from challenging unfair pay, allow top executives to hoard profits and encourage discrimination against women and disabled people."

Half of workers asked said they did not know what senior managers in their organisation earned. And 53% said they were not given information about other people s pay.

Fewer than one five said their workplace had a transparent pay policy.

"Talking about pay can feel a bit uncomfortable, but more openness about wages is essential to building fairer workplaces," Ms O Grady said.
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