I learned to read again to get a new job

I learned to read again to get a new job
New research from non-profit consultancy Pro Bono Economics has found that a worker with literacy skills classed as "very poor" would have to work an extra 18 months in their lifetime to earn the same amount as someone with basic communication skills.

The charity said that around four million workers could receive an estimated £6bn national pay rise if their literacy skills improved.

Those workers on average earn around £1,500 less per year than they would if they had a basic level of literacy, according to the research.

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Adults with low-level literacy have limited vocabulary and cannot read lengthy texts on unfamiliar topics, which means they find it hard to do things most people take for granted - like filling out a job application.

But fortunately support was available to Steve. He was helped with his reading and writing by a charity, Read Easy, and has since found a new job with higher pay and preferable hours.
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