Alix village council offers vacant office space to community

The Village of Alix may offer a vacant office in a municipal building to the community through an open invitation. The issue of the vacant office was discussed at the May 5 regular meeting of council.

Village Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Michelle White presented a report on Bay #2 of the village-owned Railway House building, noting that bays 1, 3 and 4 are all rented.

“As part of council’s strategic plan, recreation department staff were re-tasked with new portfolios,” stated the CAO’s memo.

“The transition out of recreation activities has been progressing. Council voiced interest in finding an alternative use for the portion of Bay #2 previously used as a youth centre.”

The CAO provided councillors with floor plans showing current and proposed lay-outs and said later that alterations to the space could range from hundreds of dollars to thousands.

Coun. Vicki Soltermann asked if the top floor was included, and White responded no, only the ground floor.

Soltermann stated she wasn’t sure the village should spend money on alterations to the bay without a definite reason.

Mayor Rob Fehr was also hesitant to approve alterations, noting a community group had mentioned to him it was interested in Bay #2. The mayor said this group was planning on coming to speak to council about their idea.

Soltermann asked if one community group had the option of taking this space, should the village be fair and publicly advertise it so all groups had a chance?
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