An award for Kathy Kohls: 45 years of loving

“I never did this to win awards,” she said.

Nominated by eldest daughter Lorna Kohls-Newland, the winner of this year’s Caring with Compassion Award Kohls, 76, lives in Chelmsford and cares for her youngest child. Sandra was born with severe mental and physical disabilities.

“Lorna told me when you get a call from VHA Home HealthCare (VHA) it isn’t a scam.”

April 6th is National Caregiver Day and late on Tuesday morning, the winner was announced.

“The Heart of Home Care awards and this event are one small way we can show our support for unpaid caregivers and recognize their incredible resilience and care,” says Kathryn Nichol, president and CEO at VHA Home HealthCare. “Their role in our health care system is critical and we can never take it for granted.”

“She does everything. My mom is so humble about everything she does,“ says Lorna Newland.

Kathy herself suffers from back issues from lifting and transferring Sandra but never complains, happily singing to Sandra every night and tending to her emotional as well as her physical needs.

“Sandra has taught us about life. We are grateful for all we have,” Kathy shared.

Lorna confirms the whole family is grateful for Sandra and for their mother. “I have always looked to my mom and wanted to be like her,” she added.

It is important to recognize and provide support for unpaid caregivers, the family and friends caring for loved ones at home who play such an important role in our health-care system. This is even more so now during COVID-19.

The Heart of Home Care Awards, which have been given out for more than 15 years to Ontario caregivers who go above and beyond to provide amazing care and support.

Kohls is still surprised.

“They chose me. When I talked on the phone with Isabel Terrell at VHA, I couldn’t believe it.”
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